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Luban: a generic “language” for creating user interface

Luban is a python package for building user interface (web and native [1]). With luban, one can quickly create dynamic, ajax-based web interfaces using pure python: no knowledge of html and javascript is required; anyone knowing basic python can use luban to create their user interface applications accessible from web browsers.

Luban is different from any existing web frameworks in philosophy: it provides a generic “language” for describing user interface (more details can be found in concepts of luban).

Luban is focused on providing a simple, easy-to-understand syntax to describe user interfaces, and hence allows users to focus more on the business logic needed behind user interfaces.

Although Luban has a simple philosophy and a simple python API, but it can be used to create sophisticated, dynamic, (web) user interfaces (demos).

More infomation

[1]Support for native UI generation is still primitive, since our main focus at this moment is web application.